Farmers’ Forum

Declaration of the International Forum for Agroecology

Nyéléni, Mali  27 February 2015

We are delegates representing diverse organizations and international movements of small-scale food producers and consumers, including peasants, indigenous peoples and communities (together with hunter and gatherers), family farmers, rural workers, herders and pastoralists, fisherfolk… Continue reading

The New Agricultural Colonialism by Phil Bereano and Matt Canfield

*Third World Resurgence No. 292, December 2014, pp 2-4

The authors are members of the Seattle organization the Community Alliance for Global Justice and activists in its AGRA Watch program ( Matt Canfield is a Ph.D.… Continue reading


By Joshua Machinga of Common Ground for Africa

For centuries, farmers all over the world have selected and saved seeds to grow the next season. Farmers have also cross-pollinated plants by hand, or by mixing varieties within the same field,… Continue reading