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Village Volunteers is transparent, efficient, and effective.

  • 95% of your donation will go directly to support projects abroad.
  • 5%  supplements VV’s administration, wire and banking fees
  • Please consider a general donation to Village Volunteers to allow us to address community challenges in collaboration with our partners.

Volunteer payment or donations may be made via check, money order, PayPal online, monthly subscriptions or bank wire.  Does your company provide matching funds? Let them know you donated to double your donation.

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Volunteer payment or donations may be made via check, money order, PayPal online (credit/debit card processing), or international wire.  For programs and partners view the dropdown menu.


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  • 95% of your donation will go directly to support projects abroad.
  • 5% supplements costs such as wire transfers, bank fees, etc

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Honorary Giving

Providing clean water to a classroom with a ceramic water filter or providing education to a vulnerable child are wonderful ways to honor a friend’s birthday, holiday, the birth of a child, or a new marriage. It can also meaningfully mark the passing of a friend or family member. We will notify the honoree or family of your gift and send you a tax receipt for your records. Contact our office by emailing and let us know your intentions.

To Donate by Check:

Please make checks payable to Village Volunteers in USD .
Include your purpose and email address in the memo line.

Mail to:

Village Volunteers
5100 S. Dawson St., Suite 202
Seattle, WA 98118

Because 95% of your donation goes to support the project or program of your choice, please consider additional support for the advocacy work of Village Volunteers.

Thank you for your generosity!

To Wire a donation

Please contact,
or call (206) 577-0515 for our account information.

Because 95% of your donation goes to support the project or program of your choice, please consider additional support for the advocacy work of Village Volunteers.

Thank you for your generosity!

Estate Planning

When you are planning your estate, consider leaving a legacy to support programs that assist the most vulnerable in society – women and children.  Make a contribution that will dramatically impact lives and be directed towards programs that will support the project of your choice.  If you would like to discuss ideas and options, please call our office at (206) 577-0515.

Remembering Village Volunteers in your will, through a trust, annuity, or life insurance is one of the most meaningful gifts that you can give to support a healthy future for generations to come.  Discuss this with your legal advisor and we are happy to follow through to administer your wishes.

Village Volunteers
5100 South Dawson Ave,  Suite 202
Seattle, WA  98118
Phone:  (206) 577-0515

Giving Stock 

There are two ways to donate with stock. You can sell your stock and donate the proceeds, or donate the stock itself. By selling your stock first, your gain counts as income and might affect your total taxes. By donating stocks, you don’t recognize any income and you can write off the value at the time the gift is donated. As with all tax related issues, this decision should be made based on the advice of your tax adviser. For tax guidance, you can also visit the IRS website.

If you wish to contribute stock to Village Volunteers, please contact,
or call (206) 577-0515 for more information.


For a list of program and donation options, see the drop down menu on the Donate Online tab.


The initiatives below are at the heart of Village Volunteers to assist in solving  challenges shared around the world.  The initiatives are able to be implemented anywhere donations and volunteers are available.

Below are suggested donations. However, any amount makes a difference.


Women’s Micro-Lending and Enterprise Development

Ghana: Dzidefo Women's Cooperative

Supporting Economic Self-sufficiency and Technical Assistance

Assisting women to start and manage small enterprises.

$100 helps a woman start or enhance her existing business




Kenya_darling child_K


Orphan & Vulnerable Children Support

Provide education and support to orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya, Ghana, India and Nepal.

  • $20 provides school supplies for a year
  • $25 buys a uniform and shoes
  • $550 provides tuition and care for a year



WF_Kiminini school of handicap with Buckets


Ceramic Water Filter Project

  • Provide clean water with locally made ceramic water filters to a school or orphan home.
  •  $20 per filter provides clean drinking water for 10 students per day for  three years



Moringa Tree Project
moringa tree and cute girl
Your donation buys moringa trees from a student-run village nursery where the youth earn money for school. Moringa tree leaves, pods, seeds and flowers provide a rich source of nutrients, more protein than soybean meal, and  a high quality oil. The tree combats malnutrition and  provides income opportunities.

  • $30 buys 30 trees from student-run nurseries and supports scholarships
  • $300 provides an oil press for women’s groups to extract seed oil

Butterfly Project - Nancy Atieno Olambo The Butterfly Project

Provide a college scholarship for a promising young woman committed to serving her rural community through a career in education or nursing.

  • $1,320 to educate a young woman for a year
  • $3,960 full scholarship (3 years)




Water Hyacinth Sanitary Pad Project
girl brick - cora
Support women’s social enterprises that make biodegradable sanitary pads from water hyacinth, an invasive species.

  • A subscription of 12.50 a month will buy pads for ten girls a month.
  • $25 a month provides a classroom or 20 girls pads


Environmental Youth Action Corps (EYAC)Kim Clune - 2008.07.10 - Day 1 EDYM Village

Train local youth in environmental advocacy to educate their community about human-caused sources of pollution and the effects on public health.

  • $20 trains one youth, providing them with training materials and a t-shirt.



Youth Outreach Mentors (YOM)

Empower and educate youth about HIV/AIDS prevention, gender equality and healthy lifestyle practices for HIV positive people.

  • $30 trains two youth





Feed Villages Sustainable AgricultureGovinda in Mountain View Eco Farm - Nepal

Promote sustainable farming methods and education through training in bio-intensive organic farming methods.

  • $30 trains one woman, providing tools and seeds



Kick it With Kenya
KIWK - Kick It with Kenya
Promote public health awareness, leadership and empowerment to rural youth in Kenya through soccer

  • $50 supports one player with a uniform and equipment