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Economic Development

Economic Development is a deliberate intervention to foster a healthy economy through the allocation of land, labor, capitol and entrepreneurship. The goal is to positively impact business activity, employment, and income distribution patterns by enhancing existing businesses, attracting new business and encouraging the growth of start-ups. The following resources offer support for rural business development in developing countries.

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  • Basic Bookkeeping
    Bookkeeping is the practice of keeping track of your money through a formal system of records.  Recording how and when money is spent and made helps to keep an overall view of how your money is working for you
  •  Business Planning and Basic Bookkeeping PDF VIEWING” Please do not use this one to print because the booklet will not have the pages in the correct order. The resolution has been optimized to view it fast on the screen so printing quality will be low.
  • Business Planning and Basic Bookkeeping The “BOOKLET PRINT FILE” needs to be printed on A4 size paper, front and back printing, then folded in the middle and stapled to form a booklet. If you use this file, the pages will be in order once you have the booklet put together. If you try and read this file on your computer, the pages will be out of order
  • Establishing Cooperatives
    Millions of people in many countries around the world today have organized to provide themselves with good and services in a cooperative way. Learn the many types and how they are organized.
  • Grameen Bank: Sixteen Decisions
    Grameen Bank’s 16 Decisions are an example of a social development program melded with microcredit delivery. They were developed in a 1984 workshop of Grameen Bank members representing 100 centers, and have been an integral part of Grameen Bank’s mission ever since. 
  • Grant Writing Manual
    Learn key steps to writing successful grant proposals, from research and organization to follow-up.
  • Microcredit Definitions
    “Microcredit” may mean agricultural credit, or rural credit, or cooperative credit, or consumer credit, credit from the savings and loan associations, or from credit unions, or from money lenders. Learn the many forms microcredit can take.
  • What Makes a Cooperative Successful?
    A cooperative’s mission, vision and values serve as the foundation for the Coop’s strategic business plan, the day-to-day work of the organization and the group’s purpose. This worksheet helps to develop a successful mission and plan.
  • Working with Groups and Agricultural Coops
    As an extension program gets under way in a community and starts growing, it becomes more and more necessary for the volunteers to work with groups as time may not always be available for individual visits.
  • Participatory Rural Assessment (PRA)
    Participatory Rural Assessment (PRA) as an approach to community development built on the premises that participation by the beneficiaries is fundamental for success. Projects introduced in the community must involve approaches that communities themselves can manage and control.
The Sustainable Village Library is a collection of projects, research, curriculum and guides submitted by and for volunteers and villagers. These documents are designed to be shared and to enhance sustainable development efforts. If you have information to share with people across the world, please send submissions to Village Volunteers.