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Public Health 

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Clean Water

First Aid

     Rural First Aid


  • Growing Artemisia: Used in treating Malaria
    Artemisia is a large, diverse genus of plants with between 200-400 species belonging to the daisy family Asteraceae. Learn how to grow and prepare Artemisia as an anti-malaria.


  • HIV/AIDS Information
    This document discusses what AIDS is, how HIV causes disease, how it is transmitted, what the symptoms are, how to test for it and treat it. Please share this information with communities who are not yet informed. communities about this disease.
  • Jake and Tuffy – A story of a boy orphaned by AIDS  This beautifully written and illustrated book by Ray Lacy follows Jake, an AIDS orphan who lives by begging on the streets. One day he sees a stray dog hit by a taxi: he picks up the hurt animal and seeks help. This leads him on a journey of self discovery and healing.
  • Living with HIV in Africa: A Personal Account
    This powerful story was submitted anonymously to say, “I am a person living with HIV, born and raised in the Kenyan uplands where sex education is never presented, unlike 1st world countries such as the United States.” These pages clearly outline the dire and intimate consequences of not educating communities about this disease.
  • Youth Outreach Mentors (YOM): Volunteer Action Plan
    The goal of YOM is to deconstruct myths surrounding HIV/AIDS, enable youth to make educated choices about their health, and guide them in informing their communities in developing safe and knowledgeable lifestyle choices.
  • Youth Outreach Mentors Manual
    This 44 page curriculum offers guidance for teaching students every important aspect of HIV/AIDS. Learn to create a comfortable discussion space and employ various activities to generate open conversations about this deadly disease.
  • Peer Sexual Health Education
    This brief guide offers activities for teaching sexual health education, including the topics of STIs, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and more.
See also Performing Arts for Development to teach HIV/AIDS information by embracing oral storytelling performances and community engagement.

Women’s Health

  • Girls Guide to Menstruation   – This manual assists girls in understanding and managing menstruation. Note: the Jani-Pad is called Mukti in India and will be available in Kenya by 2017.


  • Germs and Staying Healthy Germs are tiny organisims that cause disease. Learn how to stay healthy by avoiding them.
  • The Effects of Cooking Indoors on Women and Children  Three billion people rely on biomass for their source of domestic cooking fuel resulting in a health crisis in developing nations that is little known to those in the developed world – indoor air pollution (IAP). Learn more about this issue to better educate those who are exposed of the dangers.
  • Oral Health – An Oral Health Curriculum for Future Mothers and Their Young Children
  • Stretches for Spinal Health  Whether you are farming, carrying heavy loads, cooking, or on a computer, stretching will keep your back healthy and you out of pain.
  • Sickle Cell Anemai


The Sustainable Village Library is a collection of projects, research, curriculum and guides submitted by and for volunteers and villagers. These documents are designed to be shared and to enhance sustainable development efforts. If you have information to share with people across the world, please send submissions to Village Volunteers.