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Youth Counseling and Development

Young people benefit from the guidance of counseling and development in order to conquer stereotypes, believe in possibility, take concrete action to achieve their goals and provide leadership in community projects. The following resources encourage students to explore their potential and provide them with leadership skills.

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  • Planning for Your Future
    The purpose of this curriculum is to help children begin thinking strategically about what they want to do when they grow up and how they can begin planning now. Planning strategically makes it possible for students to recognize problems, obstacles and weaknesses ahead of time, then to plan around them or find ways to minimize their impact. It also helps students to focus their efforts on their goals and be more effective.
  • Leadership-Activity-Workshop
    This workshop is based on the premise that each student will face a variety of leadership challenges in life. The way in which these challenges are met, whether as a formal leader or a member of a team, can have a significant impact on the individual and the community at large..
  • Leadership Activity Learning Workshop
    This workshop is designed to foster leadership skills through teamwork for students ages twelve to fifteen. Because the discussion is a main priority, the teacher will be in the classroom as a guide: leading students to learn from one another by asking questions about the words they have chosen.
  • Principles of Leadership
    Read excerpts from The Tao of Leadership that inspire thought, discussion and reflection among students.
  • Team Building Activities
    Team building exercises are a great way to develop trust and friendship within groups. Whether you are trying to help strangers get to know each other, entertain a group, or simply have a good time, these activities are sure to help everyone get to know each other a little better and have some fun.
  • Values and Self Esteem Exercise
    A value is something very personal, and it is not considered right or wrong. Reading statements aloud, students offer opinions and practice respectfully listening to and discussing the opinions of others.
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