Village Volunteers has developed a series of initiatives to solve common challenges shared around the world such as access to clean water, food, shelter, education, and more. These initiatives differ from our location-based partner programs because, although they may have begun in a single destination, they address needs that many communities face. This makes them transferable and able to be implemented anywhere donations and volunteers are available. Please peruse the initiatives we have already set in motion and watch this space for new announcements. If you would like to offer your support and get involved, please contact us.

Butterfly Project Scholarships

VV - Butterfly Project

Creating a Brighter Future for Young Women and their Communities

The Butterfly Project scholarship fund creates college education opportunities for promising young East African women who are committed to serving their rural communities through careers in education or nursing, but lack the necessary financial resources to pursue their dreams. More…

Clean Water: Ceramic Filters


Providing Clean Water with Locally Made Water Filters

The Kenya Ceramic Project increases access to clean drinking through the distribution of locally-produced, low-cost ceramic water filters. The program is also designed to disseminate public health education about water and provide local economic opportunities. More…

Environmental Youth Action Corps

EYAC planting trees

Local Advocates for a Healthy Future

The Environmental Youth Action Corp (EYAC) is a local service organization composed of village youth who are trained as educators and advocates for conservation and to enlighten community members about human-caused sources of pollution and the effects on public health. More

Expressive Arts Therapy (EATL)

Assisting Girls in Processing and Working Through TraumaExpressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy process would empower participants to take control of their lives, encourage hope and goals, as well as promote their independence and strength as young emerging women. A curriculum is provided for workshops to be conducted by educators in the village as well as by  volunteers to work with adolescent girls to help them develop communication skills that will allow them to talk about their thoughts and feelings. More…

Feed Villages Sustainable Agriculture

Kisia harvesting green pepper

A Model for Healthy, Practical and Sustainable Agricultural Techniques

Feed Villages Sustainable Agriculture project promotes sustainable farming methods and education through demonstration farms, workshops, and the development of tree nurseries. Feed Villages also establishes community seed banks and educates on seed collection to encourage sustainable crop production and support enhanced biodiversity. The goal is to bring about significant, long term change in resource-poor, small-scale farming communities. More…

Kick It with Kenya

KIWK - Kick It with Kenya

Promotes Public Health Awareness, Leadership and Empowerment to Rural Youth through Soccer

Kick it with Kenya (KIWK) is an annual youth conference in Kenya that combines a soccer tournament with public health outreach and promotion of leadership through a common enthusiasm for soccer. The program provides public health awareness, HIV testing and counseling as well as vital health examinations to diagnose malnutrition, parasites, etc. More…

Micro and Social Enterprise Development

VV - Micro-Enterprise

Supporting Economic Self-Sufficiency

The development of a village social enterprise uses a business model that serves a social purpose. Social enterprises apply market-driven strategies to provide products or services that serve the community or solve social challenges. Social enterprise ventures combine the passion of a social mission with the discipline, innovation, and fortitude most often associated with for-profit businesses. Move…

Moringa Tree Project

Freddy Sawyer - Moringa Tree

Combating Poverty, Malnutrition and Environmental Degradation

The Moringa Tree Project facilitates the development of moringa tree nurseries in rural communities.  The Moringa tree has rightfully been nicknamed the “miracle tree”. Its leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, and seeds have a multitude of uses, making it an extremely valuable resource.  Containing more than 90 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidants, the Moringa tree is used to combat malnutrition.  It is also a source for bio-fuel, soil enhancement, cattle feed, household water purification, anti-bacterial agents, immune system stimulants, etc. More…

Sickle Cell Anemia Health

MMK photoA Neglected Cause of Early Childhood Mortality

Village Volunteers in partnership with Dr. Marie Ojiambo/Sickle Strong Initiative gives medical students, pre-med students, public health nutrition. therapy students and medical professionals interested in the opportunity to support those affected by sickle cell anemia. Medical students will work in clinical settings with medical preceptors in clinics, hospitals, and in support group meetings with those who are learning how to care for patients with SCD. Public Health students will educate newly formed support groups on the disease and on health-promoting information that will be co-designed in partnership with the Sickle Strong Initiative. More…

Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Caroline Cardosi - Sister Freda Girl

Providing Education and Support to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

Access to basic necessities and the opportunity to pursue an education are fundamental to a child’s well-being. Through this program we facilitate sponsorships that provide education, medical care and support through our partner-run orphan homes and schools. More…

Water Hyacinth Sanitary Pads

Water Hyacinth - CBransto

An Environmental and Social Crisis with an Abundant Source Solution

The production of a sanitary pad made from water hyacinth will offer women a low cost, biodegradable product that will also provide local jobs and necessary personal hygiene products for schoolgirls through a matching market-based subsidy program. More…

Youth Outreach Mentors

VV - Youth Outreach Mentors        Empower. Inspire. Educate.

Youth Outreach Mentors (YOM) empowers, inspires and educates youth about HIV/AIDS prevention, gender equality and healthy lifestyle practices for HIV positive people.