Creating a Brighter Future for Young Women and their Communities

The Mission

VV - Butterfly Project

The Butterfly Project scholarship fund creates college education opportunities for young East African women committed to serving their rural communities through careers in education or nursing but lack financial resources to pursue their dreams.

Scholarship recipients are outstanding young women who commit to using their newly-gained skills in their communities while serving as a role model to young girls.

The Need

Education plays a crucial role in poverty reduction especially for girls.

Key challenges for female education in Kenya:

  • Domestic responsibilities and the onset of menstruation cause girls to drop out of school at an earlier age than boys
  • Social norms discourage female education
  • The distance students have to travel to attend school creates safety concerns for girls making them vulnerable to rape
  • Gender biases reinforce low expectations that are placed on girls

Girls limited access to education reinforces gender inequalities.  As a result, women traditionally have limited involvement in national and community decisions, even when they are directly effected.

The Approach

Scholarship candidates are bright, motivated young women with a commitment to serve their community.

Benefits to female education

  • Education increases economic productivity.
  • Educated women marry later, have fewer children, and are more likely to use effective methods of contraception.
  • The more educated the mother, the lower the risk of maternal mortality and the healthier the child.  Child mortality falls by about eight percent for each additional year of parental schooling.
  • Educational gender equality improves economic and social development.


Get Involved

To learn more about the Butterfly Project, or how you, your family, your workplace, place of worship, or social club can sponsor a promising young woman, contact us for more information. Meet some of the inspiring Butterfly Project scholarship recipients.

By donating to the Butterfly Project you will provide a young woman with a more secure and successful future who will have an ongoing impact on her community.

Volunteer with Village Volunteers to work with promising young girls.