Caroline Cardosi - Sister Freda GirlProviding Education and Nurturing Support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The Mission

Access to basic necessities and the opportunity to pursue an education are fundamental to a child’s well-being. Through this program we facilitate sponsorships that provide education, medical care and support through our partner-run orphan homes and schools.

The Need

For most children, parents are their first line of protection; orphans and vulnerable children are deprived of this security. Children without the guidance and protection of their primary caregivers are often more vulnerable and at risk of becoming victims of violence, exploitation, trafficking, discrimination or other abuses (UNICEF).

The Approach

You can provide a vulnerable child with a good education, books, uniforms, health care, and other basic needs that all children deserve, for only one to two dollars a day,

We connect you to a child in need, provide a photo, a bio of the child, and put you in contact with the Program Directors who will directly assist the child.

Annual sponsorship varies with each child and school. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities in the countries where we work by contacting us.

Get Involved

You can help!

Donate to support a child and help them have a brighter future.

Volunteer to work in schools and orphan homes in village communities.