Because Village Volunteers is an immersion experience, days in the village allow for a variety of opportunities. Whether you work in a clinic, school, or orphan home, participate in building or agricultural projects, or simply assist in the day-to-day tasks, the camaraderie and friendships that enrich everyone’s lives. When viewing programs, hover over the icons to view the category. By sharing your interests with us, we can begin to explore your best possible volunteer experience abroad that could enhance your academic and/or career goals . The journey starts here.


Agriculture - Sustainable Farming AGRICULTURE/SUSTAINABLE FARMING Seed saving, Planting and Tending Tree Nurseries Work side by side seed saving, planting and tending trees and gardens with local agricultural co-ops, youth groups and women in rural villages. Participate in sustainable farming practices and trainings that meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.  Utilize the curriculum available in our Sustainable Village Library.
Business Development BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Social and Micro-enterprise and Organizational Development, Vocational and IT Training Work on micro-enterprise development, vocational and IT education individually and with women’s groups in business planning and basic book keeping to enhance success of existing businesses. Plan and encourage start-ups with business strategy training. Curriculum available in the Sustainable Village Library.
Building and Construction BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION Community structures Do you like to build, are you an architectural  student?  Design and build structures that benefit the community from schools to chicken coops. Opportunities based on available funding.
Children CHILDREN: CARE AND FEEDING Orphan Care, Feeding Programs Reading to and educating children can be the most rewarding work a volunteer does. All of the programs we work with have orphan and vulnerable children programs. Working in feeding programs, providing medical care, reading to and educating children can be the most rewarding work a volunteer does. Please note: Children are integral to village life so every program offers the opportunity to work and play with children.
Capture 6 COUNSELING AND THERAPY Youth Programs for Dealing with Hardship Work with youth to provide them with a safe environment to help them articulate and communicate their feelings. Use writing, art, drama or just listen to provide a non-judgmental platform to work through issues and to build self esteem.
Cultural Studies CULTURAL STUDIES Photography, Videography, Dancing, Music and Art Using artistic means, spread public health awareness, preserve family and community history and use art to enhance educational objectives. Make a video, create a calendar or create fine art photography to support programs. Work with youth to  develop a youth theatre (curriculum available).  Facilitate a discussion on social issues and have youth write a play to perform in schools and their community. Have a dance contest, teach hip hop dance, gymnastics, have a poetry competition or put on a talent show. Combine these activities with educational objectives.
Education EDUCATION Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, Adult, ESL, Mentoring What stands out to us when we think of good volunteer placements, are the opportunities to teach. Education is an integral tool in the development of a human beings potential. To teach is to enable. Whether te…aching a child or an adult, learning enhances innate talents and skills and nurtures the sense of self worth. Work with children, adult literacy or work with teachers to develop curriculum. Volunteer in a village in Ghana, Kenya, India and Malawi. Share if you know anyone who may be interested.  Contact us for more information. You never know who you are educating and how they just might change the world.
Environmental Conservation ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION Advocacy Training with Environmental Youth Action Corps (EYAC) Train and work with the Environmental Youth Action Corps members in activities that increase awareness of environmental conservation and human caused threats to public health. (Curriculum available.)
Medical MEDICAL  / HEALTH CARE Clinical Work, Integrative Medicine, Nutrition Volunteer in a village clinic, hospital, outreach clinics, nursing college and/or in schools to support local medical team in their day to day treatment and diagnoses of patients.
Public Health Awareness PUBLIC HEALTH AWARENESS HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Clean Water Train youth and women’s groups to educate the community in local public health issues (Curriculum available).
Special Needs SPECIAL NEEDS PROGRAMS Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities Provide support to disabled community members and their caregivers.
Women's Issues WOMEN’S ISSUES Leadership, Gender Equality, Mentoring Work with both girls and boys on gender equality issues and leadership. Mentor young women to set goals and strive for success. (Curriculum available.)Volunteer with girls on their writing skills through essay writing on what it’s like to be a girl in their culture.  The program “The Experience of Being a Girl” is an opportunity to connect with girls on a deep level. Questions include: What is your favorite thing about being a girl? What is your least favorite thing about being a girl? What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

Agriculture - Sustainable Farming Business Development Building - Construction Children Counseling and Therapy Cultural Studies Education Environmental Conservation Medical Public Health Awareness Special Needs Women Issues