Grassroots economic growth rapidly reduces poverty.  Working with entrepreneurs is of the utmost importance. Volunteer with our partner directors using appropriate curriculum available to you to coach villagers on developing simple business and marketing plans, and teach simple bookkeeping, By doing so, you’ll empower communities, women and youth in particular, to become self sufficient.

Visit each country to learn about the Business Development programs there.



Kenya: Common Ground for AfricaCommon Ground for Africa (CGA) has numerous and effective programs at work to mitigate poverty. Work with the Wasoni Women’s Group who use the SiSi Fund to borrow funds based on their simple business plans. Work with the women in developing their business strategy. As a volunteer you can also work with a vocational high school where students are learning to become entrepreneurs.  As a volunteer, you’ll have an incredible range of opportunities that enhance the life of local people.

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Kenya: Mama-na-DadaMama Na Dada Africa (MnD) empowers girls and women through education so they can gain social and financial independence and escape the prevalent consequences of gender discrimination. This is an immersion program opportunity that allows volunteers to participate in a wide range of diverse community enriching activities including business development.

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Kenya: Namunyak Maasai WelfareNamunyak Maasai Welfare (NMW) alleviates the harshest conditions for the most marginalized individuals in Maasai communities by creating access to education, public health practices, micro finance opportunities and organic farming training. Your volunteer experience will expose you to a variety of social services including primary education, working with special needs children, economic development with women and building and construction projects.

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Ghana: Atorkor Development ProgramAtorkor Development Foundation (ADF) is a community-based organization that seeks to transform Atorkor village into a self-sustaining community through economic development, adequate healthcare, well-equipped schools, a vocational center where you are able to teach business development, and communication facilities for all. Volunteers will be able to work in all aspects of community life as well as be immersed in a cultural community where dancing and drumming instructions can be integrated into your time in Ghana.

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Ghana: EDYM VillageEnvironmental Development Youth Movement (EDYM) conserves biodiversity and combats environmental degradation by mobilizing, educating and training local youth and others in sustainable agricultural practices and reforestation. As a volunteer, you’ll work with youth in environmental advocacy.

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Ghana: Ryvanz Mia

Ryvanz-Mia Children’s Home is a home in Kpando Village, Volta Region, Ghana, that provides disadvantaged children with nutrition, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education and early childhood development.

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New Light is a secular nonprofit charitable trust that has a night-shelter to protect and educate young girls, children and women at high risk through safe shelters, educational opportunities, recreational facilities, health care and legal aid. You must be female to volunteer with New Light. As a volunteer, you have the potential to provide a variety of much needed services such as teaching, nursing, performance artistry and construction of a hospital.

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