Who Volunteers Abroad?

VV - Africa Bubbles

People just like you volunteer abroad: individual travelers, students, professionals, families, groups, and anyone with the desire to experience a country abroad.

Imagine waking to the rooster’s crow, readying yourself at sunrise in a minimalist setting and enjoying a traditional African, Indian or Nepalese breakfast. You walk the dirt path with the sun at your back, greeted by women tending to their families. Children gather around you, intrigued by your every movement, your articles of clothing, your bag, your books, and they return your genuine smile with shy laughter.

You are on your way to the school, the farm, the clinic, or orphan home, prepared to share your knowledge, your skills, or simply your hands-on help, the very gifts that empower people to succeed.

You will meet people you will never forget and have deeply profound experiences.


Build your skill set and strengthen your future employment potential through a variety of opportunities during your time abroad. We can work with you to find a program that fulfills your specific institution’s academic requirements while helping you gain invaluable experience to help you reach your career goals. We can also advise you on how to receive credit for independent study.


Gain perspective in the area of your specialty and/or develop skills to change your career focus. You’ll work with leaders and social entrepreneurs to develop sustainable solutions to community challenges. We have many opportunities for educators, medical professionals, engineers, builders, or anyone with experience in public health. We can customize your trip through a good placement to fit your skills and interests.

Groups and Families

Volunteering with family, friends or colleagues is a rewarding and fun experience. You’ll form lifelong bonds, change lives and have a closer global perspective. Volunteering abroad is a gift to children, helping them to develop empathy and expand their world view. We can plan a trip for any group including clubs, schools, religious groups, or corporate team-building retreats. Let us help you plan a trip of a lifetime!

Apply Today!

If you are interested in participating in our Volunteer Abroad Program, complete the application process and we will work with you to identify your best placement options. There is no obligation or fee to apply.

Would you like more information? In addition to exploring our volunteer opportunities by area of interest or destination, you can contact our team directly and share your hopes for your volunteer experience. We will gladly assist in planning your meaningful and fulfilling journey.